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Welcome to my new site! While I feel victorious getting this up prior to our immersion, I had to let go of the “perfect” scenario of having the homepage filled with beautiful blog posts. I am trying to embrace “good enough” so I am choosing to relish in my good enough success. Cheers!

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About Dana Hilmer

My mission is simple: to help you live your truth and create the life you crave. I am a transformation coach and the founder and host of two online programs: the THRIVE*circle and PowerBreak, a weekly reboot program. I live in a beautiful shoreline town in CT with my husband and three boys and when plugged in can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Hope to see you there!

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected. -Robert Frost How old is too old? The answer really depends on who’s doing the the asking (and answering). Enter one of the hottest topics of the over 50 set. Ageism. Research conducted by AARP shows that older workers experience considerably longer...

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Are you listening?

One of the biggest gifts you can give to someone you love is your undivided attention. The #1 predictor of your happiness and wellbeing is the quality of your relationships. We humans need to belong. Want want to be understood. And we need to know that we matter. So if...

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Wake up to JOY

THIS WEEK: What Gets You Up in the Morning? Do what makes you happy AND pursue what lights you up! When was the last time you woke up with joy? With a sense of eager anticipation for what the day will bring? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Jobs, care...

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Let’s do a little celebrating, shall we?

Life is about moments so take the time to celebrate and remember the moments that matter. We’ve been doing a little happy dance over at Camp Reinvention headquarters as today marks our CAMPiversary! One year ago today we dove head first into our “Covid pivot” of creating CAMP Online. And...

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You Can Decide to Be Happy

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy. — Jane Marczewski (a.k.a. “Nightbird”) If you have been reading my writing for a little while you likely know the core belief that guides all the work I do…. It is never too late to pursue...

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Your Challenge is Happening FOR You

I pivoted and I persevered… I’m so damn happy that thing I thought I wanted didn’t work out! You are so much more resilient than you think you are. You have overcome lots of challenges. Heck, you’ve been doing that since the day you were born. And whether you recognize...

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Are you busy being “busy”?

Your success and your worth have nothing to do with how ‘busy’ you are! We are all so damn busy. How many times have you been walking through town and seen someone you haven’t seen in awhile and the exchange goes something like… “How are you?” “Busy, Busy…” “How are...

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Wanna be more confident?

Confidence is the surprising side-effect of getting out of your head and into action. Do you want to be more confident? Then get your buns in action. It’s easy to put off starting a project until you feel more confident, more ready, more informed…But the reality is you will feel...

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Why are you stuck?

We all get stuck. It’s not something to beat yourself up about. It happens. But when you stay stuck, or get re-stuck, over and over again, you will feel disheartened, like you’re not being the person you most want to be and not living the life you truly want to...

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