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Conjoined Twins No More

Wendy and I have been conjoined twins for four years now.

What ????

That’s right. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, in almost every promotional picture we’ve put out in the world we’ve been digitally conjoined to (kind of) appear like a picture was taken of the two of us together.

“But why?  You may ask.

Because given the circumstances it worked … well enough.

And, very importantly, because we chose to start before we were “ready”.

The circumstance was a global pandemic. Enough said.

And starting before we were “ready” meant starting before… the photoshoot could be done, before we knew diddly about launching an online business,  before the website was perfected,  before a social platform was established, before an email list was cultivated,… before we even knew Camp Reinvention would move from a “cool project” to our passion business and mission.

No perfect plan was in place and there was so much to be learned.

If we insisted on being fully “ready” we’d likely still be waiting.

Instead, we started.

We trusted we’d figure it out.

We learned what worked, and what didn’t. We pivoted (more than once!) and learned some more.

And today, we’re so happy we jumped in.

That’s the way it works.

You learn by getting out of your head and into action.

You need to start and trust that you’ll figure it out.

And you need to consistently show up, pushing the (non-perfect) pebble forward one day at a time.

So… What is it that you really want to do?

You already have all that you need.

Start today.