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Group Coaching Circles for Women That Want
to Build Their Dream and Love Their Life

The Next THRIVEcircle™ starts March 6, 2023

Are you craving connection and support?

It’s been a hell of a year (or two)!  It has succeeded in throwing us all for a loop AND it’s gifted us a reset, the opportunity to think about our lives and get more clear about what we value, what we want to create and experience and who it is we want to be.

Are you ready to turn your insights into action? And are you ready to focus on YOU – your happiness, your well-being and those beautiful dreams of yours that you want to bring to fruition?

If yes, it’s infinitely easier (and much more fun!) to pursue your goals with a group of women that will elevate you and have your back.

That is why I created the THRIVEcircle™.

If you are committed to rocking your goals and to becoming the person you most want to be then I hope you’ll join us in the circle.

During our time together you will…

  1. Take full ownership for what you want to create in your life
  2. Play bigger to more fully realize your potential
  3. Bring the best you to all you do.
  4. Gain clarity on what you want and get into action
  5. Learn (and put into practice) the habits of thriving and successful women

The THRIVEcircle™ is a 6-month program that will provide loads of coaching, support, accountability and connection.

  • LEARNING AND CONNECTION — We will meet virtually,  twice a month, for a 60-minute group workshop/coaching session at a time that works well for all in the group. Each session will include a 10-15 minute training on the topic of the day followed by questions and exercises to foster a meaningful conversation and of course, coaching support. We will meet via the Zoom video platform and a recording of each call will be provided.
  • TURNING INSIGHT INTO ACTION — After every call you will receive a ThriveGuide workbook with reflection questions, exercises and challenges on the topic of the call to help you dive in and integrate the work into your work and life.
  • ONGOING CONNECTION, INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY — You will also receive one 1:1 20-minute laser coaching session with me, ongoing personal coaching and support via email AND our private THRIVEcircle™ online community will be your place for ongoing connection, support and accountability during the program.

Here are the topics we’ll explore together…

The Top Habits of Thriving, Successful Women

  1. Prioritize Your Happiness and Well-Being
  2. Know What You Want, and Why
  3. Take Ownership of Your Life and Success
  4. Play to Your Strengths
  5. Don’t Let the Voice of Self-Doubt Guide Your Actions
  6. Communicate with Confidence
  7. Ditch Perfectionism
  8. Get Into Action and Start Before You’re “Ready”
  9. Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You
  10. Say NO to Burnout – Priority Setting and Boundaries that Work
  11. Choose What You Focus On
  12. Create Habits to Accomplish Your Goals


The next THRIVEcircle™ begins the week of March 6, 2023. We will meet virtually for 12 live calls,  2x per month for 6 months at a time that works well for all in the group. Group size is limited to 10.


$199/mo. for 6 months

I hope to see you in the circle!

Here’s What People Are Saying


“The THRIVEcircle™ makes me happy. I love that Dana not only comes up with great ideas, she puts them into action. Thrive Rules! It’s my new tool for living my best life. Very Oprahesque! Inspiring talk for inspiring good. Way to go, Dana! Thrive on!”

— Amy Trahant, Take Aim Photography



“Dana Hilmer is an inspiring and innovative thought-leader in the field of positive psychology. Through her THRIVEcircle™ Dana has been able to bring like-minded people together to support and guide the creation of their personal best life. Dana is the real deal and the THRIVEcircle™ is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to create the life you most want to live!”

— Trish Walden, Health Care Executive, Educator and Consultant



“Dana Hilmer’s transformative work is for anyone who really wants to start on the journey of lasting positive change, life balance and ultimate happiness. If you want to make a life change, start on a bucket-list project and truly thrive I recommend her without hesitation!”

— Barb Scala, Co-Author of Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life



“Dana’s insights and experience in positive psychology are a gift to you if you sign up for her THRIVEcircle™. I will always be forever grateful for Dana’s support in finding my own happy balance between family, work and ‘me’ time. Throughout the years Dana has giving me invaluable mental tools and strong encouragement in building my business. If you are lucky to meet Dana in person you will immediately sense her natural ability and talent in the field of ‘what makes you happy.’”

— Line Rothman, Founder, Glamourmom, LLC



“Dana, I would like to thank you for sharing all of your amazing, inspiring and transformative teachings on the THRIVEcircle™, for sharing your light and spreading the message of love and happiness! Think how many you reach every time you do that and how huge the ripple effect is. Thank you so much!!!”

— Gaby Aschwanden, Founder, Joyful Alive (Switzerland)




“Working with Dana both privately and through her group program has been instrumental in helping me think and work at a deeper level to reveal what’s truly important to me, and how to enrich my life, both personally and professionally. She is a beautiful soul who is a gift to all who are lucky enough to work with her!”

— Nicole Sirois