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The following are several workshops THRIVEitude, Inc. offers, and we are eager to create a custom workshop to meet the needs of your organization. Let’s talk!

1) Happiness in the Workplace: In this workshop participants will learn some practical research-based strategies and tools for increasing positive leadership, productivity, creativity, engagement, happiness and success.

2) Work/Life “Balance”: In this workshop the curtain will be raised on this elusive “balance” and help participants focus instead on creating work/life synergy. This starts with gaining clarity on your priorities, being true to who you are, saying YES to you and no to things that don’t make you happy or move you in the direction of your dreams. As Gandhi astutely shares, “Happiness is when what you think what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

3) Strength-Based Leadership: Whether you’re leading a team or upping your game on brilliantly leading yourself, you will lead best when utilizing your strengths. So many of us choose to focus on our weaknesses and yet much research shows that focusing on and using our strengths makes us both more successful and happier. When we use our strengths we are much more likely to experience “flow” and are far more likely to take consistent, persistent action in pursuit of our goals. We will also be discussing the wonderful role of failure because to realize our dreams we need to put “failure” in check and “learn to fail, or fail to learn.” Participants will be asked to take the VIA Strengths survey prior to the workshop.

4) Work and Live in the “Sweet Spot”: This workshop will help participants get a clear understanding of their sweet spot — the highest (and happiest) point of their contribution. The sweet spot is the wonderful intersection of a person’s passions, skills, and the needs of the organization and/or marketplace. Wouldn’t it be sweet if your team was happy, engaged, passionate and productive? This is your first step.