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Don’t Should All Over Your Holidays!

Ironically, as I sit down to write this Natalie Merchant’s Kind and Generous is playing in the background and her refrain ” I want to thank you, thank you. Thank you, thank you. Thank you, thank you…” is playing over-and-over again.

This of course is the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, this sentiment and the spirit of each holiday we celebrate often gets lost in a pile of Shoulds.

Any of this sound familiar…?

The holiday should look like…..

For me to enjoy the holidays the people in my life should….

I should

cook ____, _____, _____ and….

buy ____, _____, _____ and….

do ____, _____, _____ and….

attend ____, _____, _____ and….

create ____, _____, _____ and….

send ____, _____, _____ and….

give ____, _____, _____ …

My house should be …

And then…  I should make sure everyone is happy, comfortable and feels welcome.

Oh yeah, then I should enjoy myself!

How exhausting!!

And by the way, no judgment here, we all do it.

How would the holidays be different if you dropped the Shoulds??

Play with this…

What do you WANT the holiday to be?

What can you let go?

What would make them feel rejuvenating and joyful for YOU?

Let me know what you’re doing to drop the Shoulds and enjoy this season. I’d love to hear.

And thank you, thank you. We are so grateful to have you in our Camp community.

Cheers to you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Big love –