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Loving What Is

It’s that time of year when we’re celebrating LOVE… While we’re busy celebrating the love we have for the people in our lives and (hopefully) the love we have for ourselves, there is a 3rd type of love that is often forgotten… LOVING WHAT IS. We’re often so busy doing,...

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I Suck (and joyfully so)

It’s been a long time since I sucked at something. I’m not saying this to brag because the truth is, it’s been ages since I tried something totally and uncomfortably new… just for fun. And this something is art because I’ve considered myself to be “not artistic” since the tree...

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Busy, Busy

We are all so damn busy. How many times have you been walking through town and seen someone you haven’t seen in a while and the exchange goes something like… “How are you?” “Busy, Busy…” “How are you?” No real conversation. No real connection. And the day moves on, one...

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