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Is Uncertainty Getting You Down?

Uncertainty tends to have its way with us in midlife. And it’s really uncomfortable.

Humans like certainty.

We want to know.
We want to plan.
We want to control.

In fact most of us would rather be certain about something – anything really – even if we don’t like what we’re certain about.

That’s why so many of us stick with jobs and relationships and life experiences we’re unhappy with.

And yet…

Not knowing is where possibility lives.

Uncertainty is fertile ground for everything you want to do and experience. Without it, you will only do more of the same.

If you don’t embrace uncertainty you will never experience new things and you will never fully experience the adventure of life.

And if you don’t find peace with uncertainty you will likely not move forward and pursue your dream.

What would happen if instead of forcing yourself to have it all figured out, you allowed yourself to simply be? To feel the feels, to get grounded and to take a small step?

What would be possible if you trusted that you’ll figure it out, even if you don’t yet know where you’re headed?

Living in uncertainty is neither good or bad.

It’s what you do when you’re in a place of uncertainty that makes all the difference.