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At a MIDLIFE Crossroads?
Not knowing what's next for you can feel daunting. Especially when it feels like the clock is ticking and you've got a ton of balls in the air. That's why My Camp Reinvention co-founder and I created this Masterclass SPECIFICALLY for women over 50!

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Join Us! January 7th & 8th • 9-11:30 am ET

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You Can Decide to Be Happy

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy. — Jane Marczewski (a.k.a. “Nightbird”) If you have been reading my writing for a little while you likely know the core belief that guides all the work I do…. It is never too late to pursue...

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Your Challenge is Happening FOR You

I pivoted and I persevered… I’m so damn happy that thing I thought I wanted didn’t work out! You are so much more resilient than you think you are. You have overcome lots of challenges. Heck, you’ve been doing that since the day you were born. And whether you recognize...

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Are you busy being “busy”?

Your success and your worth have nothing to do with how ‘busy’ you are! We are all so damn busy. How many times have you been walking through town and seen someone you haven’t seen in awhile and the exchange goes something like… “How are you?” “Busy, Busy…” “How are...

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