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Navigating a Midlife Crossroads – FREE WEBINAR

In one 90-minute workshop, we'll give you 3 actionable strategies to:
Get clear on what you want,
Get excited about what's possible for you and, most important of all,
Get started and keep going.

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March 21st, 7-8:30pm ET
March 22nd at 11am-12:30pm ET.
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Join Us! January 7th & 8th • 9-11:30 am ET

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Are you busy being “busy”?

Your success and your worth have nothing to do with how ‘busy’ you are! We are all so damn busy. How many times have you been walking through town and seen someone you haven’t seen in awhile and the exchange goes something like… “How are you?” “Busy, Busy…” “How are...

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Wanna be more confident?

Confidence is the surprising side-effect of getting out of your head and into action. Do you want to be more confident? Then get your buns in action. It’s easy to put off starting a project until you feel more confident, more ready, more informed…But the reality is you will feel...

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Why are you stuck?

We all get stuck. It’s not something to beat yourself up about. It happens. But when you stay stuck, or get re-stuck, over and over again, you will feel disheartened, like you’re not being the person you most want to be and not living the life you truly want to...

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