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Stop Comparing Yourself and Do This Instead

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

Of course you do. You’re human!

The problem is, the minute you start comparing yourself all sorts of stories take hold, stories that elevate the other person’s greatness and stories that, more-often-than-not, are damaging to you know who. Before you know it, you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not smart enough, knowledgeable enough, creative enough, thin enough – enough! – to do this thing that you want to do.

It’s said (by Suzy Kassem) that “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will,” and comparison is the food that self-doubt devours.

Your dreams and your vision, belong to you.

BUT as soon as you start comparing yourself, you rob yourself of both your vision, and your worth.

The flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. IT JUST BLOOMS.

— Zen Shin

Stop comparing yourself and do this instead!

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Complete the following sentence stem…

“If I were to stop comparing myself I….”

I’ll bet there will be a list of fabulous things the world will be missing out on. So please, for the benefit of us all, reign in your self-doubt and stop the comparison!

Please post your answers and kind supportive thoughts in the comment section below. Your voice matters. You may just have an idea or insight that could change someone’s life.

Thank you for watching, sharing and contributing your thoughts.

Stop comparing, and go for it!

Much love,


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