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What Did You Learn About Yourself Last Year?

Happy New Year!

Before you commit to your resolutions and the list of goals that you are currently all fired up about, I have an important question for you to consider… What did you learn about yourself last year? Or, in other words, who did you need to BE to accomplish or overcome the things you’re proud of?

Every year we learn a little bit more about ourselves. Sometimes it’s in big aha moments, and other times it’s in whispers, in the little choices we see ourselves making every day. I’d like to invite you to take a few moments to reflect on the good stuff you’ve learned about yourself. To own, to cherish it. To congratulate yourself, just like you would when you see something awesome in a dear friend.

Here’s the thing… Usually when we reflect on our accomplishments we think about what we DID. I’m asking you to think about who you needed to BE.

Who did you need to BE to make that thing happen? To keep showing up? Who did you need to BE to start that exciting goal? To lose those 10 pounds? Who did you need to Be to release that toxic relationship, to overcome that big challenge…?

Who did you need to Be?

For me, 2019 was a more challenging year than most and it’s the year that I learned that I am incredibly persistent. In fact, years ago a good friend affectionately told me I’m as persistent as a “friendly bulldog”, a compliment I didn’t fully understand or embrace. Until this year.

In April, an emergency room visit and a multi-system body freak-out was followed by months of seeing specialists before finally getting a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. This was a hard-won diagnosis (and a welcome one considering the other options!) and I learned a lesson that shouldn’t have to be learned when it comes to your health… persistence wins. Many of the doctors I saw didn’t have an opening for months but, at the risk of being a pain, I contacted them daily to inquire about cancellations. I got an appointment within a week. Every time. And the diagnosis I finally received happened after insisting I see a Lyme specialist, even though I tested negative for Lyme. Not once, but twice.

Friendly bulldog persistence is what it took.

Persistence is also largely responsible for a big win that I’ve been enjoying the past couple of months. After three years of ongoing outreaches and conversations, with a rotating door of people, I am thrilled to be working with a Fortune 100 company on an exciting women’s leadership program. I almost gave up on many occasions but it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t keep at it, month after month, email after email.

This persistence I’m proud of and I’ve learned that if something matters to me, I will keep at it and I won’t throw in the towel. It’s how I chose to BE and I have no doubt I will need to call upon this strength in the years to come.

So, what did you learn about yourself in 2019? Take a few moments to write down the accomplishments you’re proud of this year (both big and small) and the challenges you overcame. Who did you need to BE to make these things happen?

I’d love to hear.

And as you look at your goals for the year, remember what you’ve already done and the person you already are because this person has already succeeded in doing some really amazing and difficult things.

Happy New Year my friends and cheers to bringing more of what makes you awesome into this next decade!