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What do you believe?

Beliefs are the hidden scripts of our lives.

-Marie Forleo

At this wise and wonderful stage of your life you know what works for you and you know what doesn’t….

And you have so much more life yet to experience. We also know that you don’t want to settle and that you want to live out the rest of your life as the vibrant, excited and fulfilled person you most want to be.

How do we know?

Because you’re here with us and that means you are ready to be courageous and reimagine what is possible in your life. That is why we are challenging you to take on the 3 Core Beliefs that are the bedrock of the Camp Reinvention program.

Belief #1- Change is possible. It absolutely is. We are consistently inspired and blown away by the beautiful reinvention stories we hear every day.

Belief #2 – It’s NEVER too late to pursue a dream. It may be too late to be an Olympian but it’s definitely not too late for you to dream a dream and to make that dream of yours a reality. You can start anew from where you are. And It’s never too late to share your voice, to contribute to the world, to experience deep connection. … and for you to be happy.

Belief #3 – Your past does not dictate your future. Unless of course you let it. You have the ability to change your beliefs and reinvent your life at any time that you choose.

Try these 3 beliefs on for size and when you do you will start seeing all sorts of evidence to show you that these beliefs can become your truth.

What will you choose to believe?


What would be possible in your life if you were to FULLY embrace these 3 beliefs?