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Look For the Good

There’s collateral beauty to the shit that happens in life.
― Marla Wynne Ginsburg

We just had the inspiring and hilarious Marla Wynne Ginsburg join us at Camp Reinvention and she shared the comment above that really struck a chord with us.

In a year where a lot of shit has happened, there’s also been a lot of good.

In fact, no matter what challenge life throws your way, there is always some collateral beauty to be found. You just have to open your heart and mind to find it.

“It’s been a challenging year AND I’ve learned…”

“I lost my job AND I can now…”

“More than ever, I value…”

“When the shit hits the fan I’m good at…”

“During this time of uncertainty I’ve enjoyed…”

Life is never black or white and something good can eventually sprout from even the worst of times.

Remember, you get to choose what you focus on. Even when life feels like a shit-show (a term we’ve been using a lot lately!) you will grow and learn AND the things you love in life are right there, waiting for you to notice.


Write a list… What have you been challenged by recently? And for every one of the challenges, write down at least one good thing that has resulted from this challenge.