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What Seeds Are You Planting?

on’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
― Robert Louis Stevenson

The life you create is the sum of all sorts of small choices  – and seeds you plant – every day.

It’s easy to give up when a seed you planted doesn’t grow into the dream you desire. It’s also really easy to look at someone else’s achievement without giving a moment of thought to the hundreds of seeds they may have planted along the way.

Nothing happens overnight and very few things can be achieved in an easy straight line. Sometimes the seeds you thought would blossom don’t AND the ones you didn’t think would end up thriving and growing into glorious trees.

When you want to make something happen… Plant some seeds.

When you’re feeling stuck…

Make a new connection…

           Try a different approach…

Tell someone your dream…

Plant a seed. Plant a seed. Plant a seed.

See what sprouts. Be patient. Stay the course and nourish them every day.

Soon you’ll be enjoying the harvest that you reap and the splendor of your own beautiful garden.


What seeds would you like to begin planting today?