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Are You Waiting to Win the “Lottery”?

Do not live your life waiting for the big moments. CREATE THEM by doing the little things every single day.
― Mel Robbins

The surest way to achieve your dream is to show up every day as the person you want to be and TO DO THE WORK. This means consistently doing the little things that don’t feel like much but – over time – add up to huge progress and the success you dream of.

It’s not sexy and that’s why so many of us create big huge exciting goals that fizzle out after a week. The willpower wains, the glow dims, the momentum gets lost and we’re back to square one. Another disappointment in the books.

Instead of relying on the big deal, waiting for the perfect scenario, or dreaming about the once-in-a-lifetime lottery type of opportunity, …create it. That is what you can do, one day at a time.

Success is what happens when you patiently, lovingly, keep showing up.


What small daily action will make the biggest difference toward realizing your goal? Make a commitment to begin it TODAY!