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Ditch Perfection

“Perfectionism is just fear in really good shoes.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert

The desire to be perfect and to be in control may be alluring, however it’s usually both unrealistic and unattainable. It can also stop you from pursuing what matters to you, be a big source of happiness, and, if left unchecked, can lead to anxiety and depression.

“Perfectionism is caused by fear and fed by shame”* …The shame of not being good enough, smart enough, educated enough… Whatever it is that is that fear you may lack. And fear of failure can be such a pain point that you may choose to not pursue something rather than risk failure or disappointment. You may find yourself thinking…” If I can’t do it perfectly, why do it at all?

Where in your life do you see perfectionism showing up?

Most of us have some perfectionism popping up in at least one area of our life. Sleuth it out… Chances are if you’re not making progress on something that matters to you, perfectionism is likely rearing its head.

Life doesn’t demand you to be perfect.

It does however beg of you to show up and embrace being the perfectly imperfect person that you are.

* As stated by Petra Kolber, The Perfection Detox TED Talk


Think of a project or goal that you’re waiting to do until the “perfect” time… 

Do your standards HELP you achieve your goal, or do they hold you back and get in the way?
What would be possible if you choose progress over perfection and just got started?

Think of a goal that matters to you….
What would be the benefit of relaxing your standard a bit?

Would it make accomplishing your goal more attainable?

And how would it change how you show up for your goal