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Why are you stuck?

We all get stuck. It’s not something to beat yourself up about. It happens.

But when you stay stuck, or get re-stuck, over and over again, you will feel disheartened, like you’re not being the person you most want to be and not living the life you truly want to live.

Here’s the good newsYou CAN get unstuck. So let’s look at a few of the reasons that you may be stuck and what you can do about it.

You may be stuck because…

1. You’re comfy — Your brain’s job is to keep you safe and it’s a hell of a lot safer to live in the world of possibility (“someday I’ll do..”) than it is to jump into the world of uncertainty to see if you can make your dreams happen. This can have you feeling (in the words of Pink Floyd) “comfortably numb”. Things aren’t great but they’re not terrible either. Fear may be rearing its head but ultimately you need to rally and decide if you’re more committed to your dream, or to being comfy. Remember – Uncertainty is always a part of realizing new possibilities. Without it, your only choice is to do more and more of the same. It’s time to choose.

2. Your beliefs aren’t aligned with your goal — If you feel like you’re working your tail off but you’re still feeling stuck, chances are your beliefs are not aligned with and supporting your goal. We talk about this a lot at Camp… Your beliefs are running the show of your life. So…if, for example, you want to make good money in your new business, you need to first believe you’re worth it and that you can!

3. You’re doing what you “should” do instead of what you want to — If this one rings true to you, no wonder you’re stuck! If you want to get unstuck and make exciting progress toward your goal that goal of yours needs to light you up and have a “hell YES!” attached to it. It’s time to stop “SHOULD-ing” on yourself and commit to doing the things that you truly want to do.

4. You’re busy but you’re NOT doing the things that count — We know you have a busy life and that you are juggling and doing so many things. But are you consistently doing the things that create forward movement on your goal? Or are you so busy checking off the do-list and taking care of others that you and your goal never see the light of day? It’s time for that to change.

5. You believe you’re not “ready” — It’s very easy to remain stuck when you feel like you need to know everything before you begin. But here’s the truth – that’s never going to happen. The only way you get “ready” is to begin and to trust that you’ll figure it out along the way.

The first big step to GETTING UNSTUCK
is to identify it and call it out.

So what about you? Why are you stuck? Your first step is to identify it and call it out.


Why are you stuck?

What is the first small step you’d like to take?



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