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Wanna be more confident?

Confidence is the surprising side-effect of getting out of your head and into action.

Do you want to be more confident? Then get your buns in action.

It’s easy to put off starting a project until you feel more confident, more ready, more informed…But the reality is you will feel more confident, ready and informed when you get into action.

Here’s the deal… You form an opinion of yourself the same you form an opinion of others… by seeing yourself in action.

When you see yourself not following through on your commitments to yourself, you will likely not fully trust yourself. Why would you? You wouldn’t trust someone else if they didn’t fulfill their promises.

AND when you see yourself taking action, you will perceive yourself as a confident and capable person embarking on the journey of pursuing your goal.

Your identity literally changes. You will go from being the person that WANTS TO do something, to BEING THE PERSON THAT IS.

Take a step, any step. Get out of your head and into action and soon you will BE the person that IS DOING that thing you want to do.


What goals and dreams are stuck in that beautiful brain of yours?

Choose to commit to one. What is the first small step you’d like to take?