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Turning 60

Back in my NYC days, I loved rollerblading around Central Park. Despite the epic fall that created the largest, most magnificent bruise I have ever seen, I loved it. The freedom, the speed, the coolness of experiencing the city that I love on 4 tiny wheels.\

I was 28 then, and I remember my mom’s snide remark like it was yesterday…

“When are you going to grow up, Dana?

You’re not going to actually rollerskate when you’re 30, are you? “

And my proud and defiant retort of…

“Hell yes! I’ll be rollerblading when I’m 60!!!”..

That moment sparked something in me… A desire to forever give the middle finger to “age” and a commitment to live vibrantly until my very last day.

Here’s a question for you… If you were to make your age something to celebrate, – rather than an issue to resign yourself to, what would you do? What would be possible?

I hope you’ll decide to spend a hell of a lot more time doing all the things that bring you joy!

For me, 60 is right around the corner, and I’m excited to celebrate by gifting myself a shiny new pair of birthday rollerblades. I can’t wait! 🛼💥😊

Acting “grown up” is totally overrated!!