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The Happy Key

How many times have you thought that happiness is sitting right on the other side of…
…landing the dream job?
…finding romance?
…losing weight?
…or making more money?

In truth, things are the other way around.

Events and circumstances, it turns out, do not deliver happiness.

Research has shown that while they may provide a temporary uptick, we all tend to settle back into our own happiness set-point.

Conversely, the degree to which we are happy or unhappy does alter our objective outcomes.

Studies by Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ed Diener and others have determined that higher levels of positivity, well-being and happiness lead to:

  • lower stress and anxiety

  • higher optimism

  • better relationships

  • greater resilience

  • increased energy and productivity

  • greater creativity

  • and better problems solving skills

The bottom line?

The data shows that higher levels of happiness and well-being lead to greater success in ALL areas of life.

Fortunately, your happiness set-point is something that’s relatively easy to shift.

Pay attention to your thoughts and conversations.  How to you explain the circumstances of the world and your life to yourself and others.

Too much focus on helplessness or blame drastically decreases your ability to be happy, while thoughts and conversations that focus on self-efficacy, acceptance, or gratitude increase your ability to be happy.

The formula is simple…

The more you see the world through a lens of self-efficacy, acceptance and gratitude, the happier you become. The happier you are, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

The key to everything you want is right there – between your ears – and all it takes is a little shift in focus.

HAPPY New Year!