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Listen Up

Did you know that the #1 predictor of your happiness and wellbeing is the quality of your relationships?

We need to belong.
We want to be understood.
And we need to know that we matter.

So, if you want to have loving, beautiful relationships you really do need to listen.

Truly listen.

It’s all too easy for the noise of the world and the even louder noise of your mind to get in the way.

Pay attention…

How often are you “with” a friend or loved one but you’re not really with them?

How often do you pretend you’re listening (but you’re really not) because you think you already know what they’re going to say?

Or you’re running through your to-do list in your head?

No judgement here, we all do it.

Sadly, we do it the most with the people we’re closest to.

Here’s the truth – one of the biggest gifts you can give to someone you love is your undivided attention.

The next time you’re with someone that is important to you…ask questions.

Be curious.
And when they reply, listen with kind eyes.
No interrupting.
No judging.
No solving.
And no “me toos.”

Just listening.