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Dance in the moment

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
– Vivian Greene

At this very moment, Tropical Storm Isaias is working its way across the Northeast, leaving a trail of downed trees and wreaking havoc on the power and internet we so take for granted.

But that hasn’t stopped us…we’re determined and for the past couple of hours we’ve been beating our heads against the wall (while cursing our flailing technology) in an effort to GET THINGS DONE.

After all, we had a lot we planned to do today.

And it occurs to us… Perhaps we should simply call it a day and dance with the moment we have.

How many times do you catch yourself fighting your reality rather than dancing with it?

The best moments – the most productive moments, happen when we are truly present.

Sometimes it means digging in with grit and tenacity, others it means letting go and letting be…

…and dancing in the rain.


Where in your life are you fighting your current reality?  What would happen if you let yourself flow with the moment?