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What are you waiting for?

“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”
– Unknown

How many times have the following words come flying out of your mouth…?

“When I have more time I will…”

“I’ll be ready when …”

“I can’t take time for my dream (or me) because…”

“Who am I to think I can…?”

“It’s too late to…”

“How the hell did I get here?”

More than you care to admit?

It’s time for you to change that and get into action on that thing that lights you up.

You have 1,440 minutes every day and you get to choose how to spend every single one of them.

I know that you’re busy and that many of those minutes are dedicated to taking care of the people and things that need your attention.

I also know that it’s 100% possible to carve out enough time to meet the needs of your current life while making progress on your dream and creating the life you will love.

You matter. Your dreams matter.

You have to start.

Believe me when I tell you, if not now, when?

What is one thing you can do today to get into action on your goal?

It can be tiny. Commit to doing one tiny thing.

And do it.

You’ll be so damn happy you did.