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Could you use a little soul care?

I met with one of my amazing clients today, a woman that radiates love, energy and a contagious zest for life. Not to say she doesn’t have her challenges, she does. It’s how she keeps herself grounded, at peace and intentional that makes all the difference in how she navigates these challenges.

We can all do this and I know one thing for sure… When you’re at your best you have  – either consciously or unconsciously –  tapped into this most grounded and intentional version of of who you already are.

We all have our go-to practices and for her, it’s what she calls her “Soul Care” plan.

Caring for your soul is beautiful self-care and it goes farther than your typical sleep/nutrition/exercise practices. It’s about creating space, going inward and tapping into that deepest, wisest, most-knowing and essential part of you that you are.

Here’s her “Soul Care Plan” to get your juices flowing on what you might like to create for yourself.


  • Yoga (even if just for a few minutes)

  • Mediation and/or prayer

  • Journaling

  • Setting a daily intention

  • Focusing on gratitude (especially when times are tough)

  • Reading the Bible

  • Spending time outdoors

So what do you want to commit to that will help you tap into this most knowing and essential YOU THAT IS YOU? Choose one thing. Make it easy and enjoyable, so you’ll eagerly and fully integrate it into your life.