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What are you focusing on?

What you CHOOSE to focus on creates your reality.

How’s your day going so far?

Chances are the kind of day you’re having has a hell of a lot to do with what you’re choosing to focus on.

Case in point…

Yesterday, I (Dana) started the day with a gorgeous beach walk. I live in CT and it was that first magical day when the sun was out, the jacket was shed, the water glistened and the birds sang and all felt peaceful and right in the world. I had a big workday and a somewhat dreaded doctor’s appointment that afternoon but I couldn’t stop appreciating the beauty of where I live and soaking in the gorgeous day. A feeling of peace and gratitude was with me throughout the day.

Today, on the other hand, was very different.

I started the day feeling anxious and woefully behind, then proceeded to befriend Google and go down a medical research rabbit hole which left me feeling even more anxious (with all sorts of scary stories filling my head) which, not surprisingly, landed me in a bit of a funk. At about 2:00 I made the very conscious choice to shift my focus. I’m so happy I did. When I shifted my focus, the funk was lifted and I was able to get back to the work I love and to notice, and take in this gorgeous day.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the truth: We humans are co-creators of our own reality and the kind of day (or year, or life…) you’re experiencing is largely dictated by what you CHOOSE to focus on and the narratives you create in your own mind.

Here’s your challenge: We are creatures of habit so you have to remember that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE TO CHOOSE.

Your happiness is a choice.

The way you experience your life is a choice.

And like everything we teach at Camp, being intentional about what you focus on and the stories you create in your mind is a choice. And a practice.


What have you been focusing on today? And how has it made you feel?

What do want to CHOOSE to focus on for the remainder of this beautiful day?