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Let’s do a little celebrating, shall we?

Life is about moments so take the time to celebrate and remember the moments that matter.

We’ve been doing a little happy dance over at Camp Reinvention headquarters as today marks our CAMPiversary!

One year ago today we dove head first into our “Covid pivot” of creating CAMP Online. And we’re so damn happy we did.

This “pivot” has been a gift that keeps on giving. We have the incredible opportunity of working (and playing) with smart, ambitious women that are eager to share their gifts AND experience more fun and adventure in the second half of their lives.

And they’re doing it!

Every day we hear about positive changes, new perspectives, exciting adventures, momentum created… and the profound joy of knowing more fully who they are and feeling more fulfilled and vibrantly alive.

We are surrounded with “happy campers” and every day we are inspired by and learn from them too.

Our bucket is full… and today we’re taking it in.

It’s easy to focus on all the things we have yet to do and create but today is a day to pause and celebrate what we’ve already done and the impact we have already made.

And we want to challenge you to do the same.

Give yourself a chance to reflect and do a little happy dance…

  • What have you learned about yourself this year?

  • What has shifted for you?

  • What have you accomplished, created and experienced this year that you’re proud of?

  • How are you going to celebrate?

We’d love to hear! Email us at and let us know.

And if you’d like to try Camp for yourself we invite you to join our $1 risk-free 14-day trial. We have no doubt you’ll be happy you did.

Remember it’s never too late for you to pursue a dream AND to give yourself the gift of celebrating all the amazing things you’ve already achieved.

Cheers to you!