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The Time that You Have

I’ve been thinking alot lately about the preciousness of life and the gift of every one of these days we have here on earth. My dad just passed and he was fortunate to be gifted 31,540 of these days. It brings me so much peace to know that the last 16 years of his life was lived with an abundance of laughter and love… the happiest years of his life.

Here’s a video that so beautifully illustrates, in jelly beans, the preciousness of The Time You Have. My hope is you are spending as many of your hours laughing, loving, playing, creating, learning, dancing, … Savoring your “jelly beans” and doing all the things you love. My dad is proof that it’s never too late to experience all you’ve ever hoped for. If you’re not loving the way you’re spending your days, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to savor your jelly beans my friend.

Thank you MaryJean for making the last 16 years being the best of his 86!!